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“Carroll’s performance is spot on” - Lyn Gardner - The Guardian - on Fishskin Trousers


“I was given two actors I had never met and had to direct the last, very challenging scene of 'The Seagull' in front of the packed Theatre Royal Haymarket. I have to say the actress - Jessica Carroll - played Nina excellently. She managed to be responsive to my notes and handle the emotional demands of that last scene with real skill.” - Ian Rickson - director


“Jessica Carroll moves dexterously through the murky mind of the medieval serving girl.” - Time Out - on Fishskin Trousers 


“It was great to watch Jessica work.” - Neil LaBute - playwright/director


“The people are given vibrant life with energetic performances - particularly by Jessica Carroll”

Benedict Nightingale - The Times - on Hellcab


“Jessica Carroll is Comic Gold’ - Time Out - On Hellcab


“Carroll is extremely strong, peopling the cab with a collection of bizarre yet entirely human characters” The Stage - on Hellcab


“It’s an engrossing, enveloping piece of writing, engagingly and movingly performed by the cast." - The Stage - on Fishskin Trousers


“It was Jessica Carroll as Mab who was the most riveting. Carroll dominated the piece, displaying a subversive attitude that was striking and impressive. We, as an audience, are really rooting for her.” - A Younger Theatre - on Fishskin Trousers


“The actors’ performances are brilliant. Jessica Carroll as Mab speaks perfectly as the medieval girl from Suffolk. Her gestures are emblematic and her expressions so authentic that it feels as though she is visiting straight from 1173.” - The Upcoming - on Fishskin Trousers


“Carroll, with the proficiency of a bard, uses the lyrical text to draw the audience in” - Performance Reviewed on Fishskin Trousers 


“Jessica Carroll absolutely inhabits her character.”UK Theatre - on Fishskin Trousers


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